Collections of healing angel EXO Yixing precious moments with other EXO members.

This awkward unicorn just wanna make some forest friends within the exo planet, so let's watch over him as he interacts adorably with the other species in the universe.

Jul 2014


the feeling is mutual: Kim Jongdae’s fanboy - Zhang Yixing 

XingDae during Happy Camp:

i’m not a lipreader but I think Yixing told Sehun: “첸이라고 해! 첸이라고 해도돼!” feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Yixing has also been asking fans at the last two concerts if Chen is handsome lol
Jul 2014


140628 The Lost Planet Chongqing

에스코트하려고 에스코트 된 레이…ㅋㅋㅋ
Lay was going to escort it, but was escorted after all

Jul 2014


140711 The Lost Planet Taipei

이봐, 저기 야!
Hey, it is there!

Jul 2014

140705 Exo Happy Camp

Layhan moment

Jul 2014
Top 5 EXO pairings.

Since my fav member is yixing, i can’t help that my fav pairings also revolves around him, kekekeke~~~

1. the always laugh together bff

2. the imma hold ur hand so you won’t fall couple

3. the the way you talk is so sexy i can’t stop staring couple

4. the golden maknae couple

5. the let us look at each other eyes and make babies couple

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

Jul 2014
Can you please reblog some baeklay?~

here is their recent moment.

Actually there’s this moment at the airport where yixing imitates baekhyun’s singin in the rain musical, but unfortunately i haven’t stumble upon the gifs on tumblr.


Jul 2014
playful baekxing during wolf. 
Jul 2014
Top 5 current airing korean variety/reality show?

1. Infinity Challenge (their recent election project signifies how big of a show  they are)

2. Running Man (who in the world of kpop doesn’t know this show?)

3. Gag Concert (Anngggdwaeyoo!!)

4. We Got Married

5. Cool Kiz on the Block

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

Jul 2014

sehun and kyungsoo watching luhan earnestly (+ spazzing!sehun)

Jul 2014


Please Pray for the Families of #MH17. May God’s Mercy be with all the innocent in this world #PrayForMH17